Monday, August 31, 2009

A Great Uncle

Alex, Rae, and Uncle Steven

After my grandparents and Gordie left last week I spent a lot of time off my feet (doctor’s orders) and Justin had some time off of work to help out around the house. He has done everything lately. He cooks, cleans, takes care of the dogs, entertains visitors, and deals with me. At my Tuesday doctor’s appointment my blood pressure was in the 140’s over 90’s (too high) so the doctor insisted I come twice a week. Justin accompanied me to Friday’s appointment. I had a nonstress test were we were able to listen to the babies’ heartbeats and I was instructed to have some lab work done to insure that my body was not being taxed too much. I will get the results of the lab work today. If it is not good they will put me on hospital bed rest. If it is OK I will probably be on bed rest at home. So I am packing my pillow and giving Vern and Scout special kisses just in case.

The highlight of my week was a visit from my Uncle Steven and Cousin Alex. I have always been very close to them yet distance makes it difficult to see them enough (although it does help to have a big ski mountain close by to entice them). Growing up my uncle treated me as a daughter and provided unconditional love and support, so I miss our regular visits. But with age comes change, so I am grateful for the time we have. I know, in ever sense of the term, he will be a Great Uncle to my girls. This week Steven was taking Alex to visit colleges and they planned to stay two nights between visits to Vancouver and Portland schools. Justin and I picked them up from the train on Friday night and we went to one of our favorite Bellingham restaurants, the Pepper Sisters. In retrospect, it will most likely be my last dinner out for a while. Saturday I went with the boys to the farmers market and they were impressed. I live for the crepe stand at the Saturday market. We ate mini cupcakes and got lots of fresh berries, breads, and veggies for the house.

We spent the afternoon and evening hanging at home. The weather was warm and it was very relaxing. It is so nice to catch up. I love hearing about Alex’s life, college plans, and current music interests. I would love it if he was at school close by and we could see each other more often. I even promised unlimited laundry use. The other cool thing about hanging out with these guys is exactly that, they are guys. There is rare when I am with family that I am the only girl (being one of 7 granddaughters and no grandsons) but when I am with Justin, Steven, and Alex I get that precious title. Justin cooked a great fish dinner, I kicked their buts in the Settlers of Catan (board game), and I tried to not wake them up with my many midnight marches through the kitchen.

After taking them to the train yesterday I got a little sad not knowing when they would come back and knowing that I would not be traveling for a while. Then it all sank in, no more visitors until the girls arrive. I spent most of yesterday in bed and uncomfortable. The advantage to visitors at this stage in pregnancy is the much needed distraction and good company they offer. I truly hope Steven and Alex come back to meet the girls, before next summer (maybe a ski weekend huh?).

For now it is laying low. I am honestly getting pretty nervous about the birth. Somehow these girls have to get to the outside world and none of the options for this part of pregnancy sound all that good to me. But I am ready to take my body back and Justin is so excited about participating in baby care. I know that the strong part of me will emerge when it has too and that Justin will be by my side. Welcome to the final countdown.