Sunday, August 9, 2009

Taking It Easy

Scout, hanging in the girls room

The bathroom Justin remodeled

Scout, hoping the girls are ready to play

Vern, supervising rest time
This has been a pretty mellow week. Now that summer classes have ended and the weather is back in the high 60’s, things have slowed down a bit. At my weekly doctor’s appointment the girls seemed to be doing well and my high blood pressure makes it important that I rest. So I generally get up and do an activity in the morning (work, food shopping, etc.), come home and have lunch, rest until about five, and then enjoy dinner and hang out until bed time. I am trying, although it is hard, to appreciate the free time while I can. This week I am a bit sad not to be at the Women’s Debate Institute in beautiful Port Townsend, WA. But the Port is two hours from a hospital making its location too remote for me to attend.

Justin has been a great help, as always. He finished remodeling the upstairs bathroom, plumbing and all, does most of the cooking, all of the dog care, and is super excited about the arrival of our girls. They are moving so much lately I can literally watch them squirm. It is crazy to think we are no longer talking about months, but weeks. I am 31 ½ weeks and my doctor would like to see me make it to at least 35 weeks. I said I would do my best, as though I have any control. Friday I have my first non-stress test (they hook my up to a monitor to check for contractions and the baby’s reaction) so that should give us some indication about how fast things are moving.

We are looking forward to a short wave of visitors coming through Bellingham in the next three weeks. First, our dear friend Gordie is making his west coast rounds. Then my grandparents are visiting on their way to a family wedding in LA. And finally my Uncle Steven and Cousin Alex are driving through on their summer college tour. It would be great to have Alex in the area for the next four years. I know I could always use Mt. Baker's slopes, a home cooked meal, and free clothes washing, as justification for him to visit. I can only hope to stay off bed rest so I can hang out with everyone. And, if the girls could wait, they would all be forced to return. Until then, its quality time with our furry friends. For now, I just hope that our team of four makes it safely and healthy to a family of six.