Sunday, January 23, 2011

We drive, love dogs, and Addy is a dancer

The post title says it all: More evidence below.



Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Weekly Routine

Justin and are are very lucky to be able to work jobs we love and spend so much time with the girls. With the rain and darkness of winter our park time is limited but we try to keep the girls out and socializing with friends. Last week they started gymnastics and a parent and me sibling class. Our nanny Nancy helps us out one day every week. She met the girls in the hospital and has been helping us ever since. She is a wonderful women. She teaches the girls so much and they really loved her. It was great to have her at the first gymnastics class. Take a look:

We also started a siblings parenting class. This was a huge jump for the girls to be in a preschool classroom with kids ranging from infants to six. There was so much to stimulate them  they did not go which direction to turn. So they spent most of the class at the sink. The sink is about 3 feet off the ground so they can use reach the water. This had them fascinated. At one point in the class we separated into parent discussion groups. The girls had a bit of a hard time with this part so they sat in with the adults for a while and spent time at the sink. But I hear this is normal. I am really excited about this class because it is an opportunity to learn from other parents and children. As we enter the new stages of sharing (or lack there of) and tantrums (super fun), it will be good to know how others have meet these challenges. It was a very busy class so I had little time for video, but I will try to get some more in the future weeks. the girls were so stimulated they could not settle down for a nap all day, but boy did they crash that night.

 With two activities a week we still have alot of time to meet up with friends and play on our own in the house. Last week I came home to find Justin helping the girls carry my purses. They thought this was great.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The simplest things make the best toys

I love these girls more and more every day. Each day is a blast and when I come home from work to see the girls and Justin playing I am am grateful for life I have. Here is a short but oh so sweet clip:

Like the French

Do not say you have not been warned. If you are grossed out by kids eating and being messy this video is not for you because this is a very messy video. But I have decided to post it anyway.

Let me set the scene. The girls love whole milk yogert and it is very good for them. I try to buy the organic brands and limit the sugar content. The little packs can get expensive. So I recently found a European varity that comes in the large containers for only $2.50. Yet the only problem is that by the time you get to the end of the tub the yogert is very watery, so we got creative:   

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years day

Here are some of the highlights of new years day:

Sunday, January 2, 2011


December was a great month. It began with an awesome visit from my cousin Mica and was followed by some quality time with Uncle Steven, Alex (a west coast convert), Patti, Jenny, and Joe. Included a perfect intimate family christmas, and some good friends on news years day. Thank you all for coming so far and caring so much. A happy and a healthy new year to our readers.

Addy made sure Mica spent most of her visit reading 

Hanukah bumper cars practice was also a daily task- so fun 

Thanks to the help of their Aunt Mica they now move around the house on their cars without help

Then Great Uncle Steven arrived with Alex's wooden boat, a very popular present

It was great to hang with Alex and he also put in his time reading to the ladies

My favorite boys

Morgie picked out a Christmas Eve present to open

Grandma Judy and Aunt Jill spoiled the girls -  we can not wait to see them

Aunt Jill's shopping carts were the hit of Christmas

Addy was really into the books

This last week was really great. Neither Justin nor I had to work and we got to spend some quality time with the girls. We went to multiple children's museums, out to eat, and played alot. It was great, we have an awesome family. The picture above is Morgan at the Skagit museum.

Morgie sporting some winter gear

On new years we played with some of our friends. 
Henry shares a birthday with the girls and is a good friend.

Legos + Laundry basket = happy toddlers
this game lasted for a while

Want to play? Come visit us!!