Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our 2011 East Coast Trip- Part 1 New York City

I have noted before that the time that passes between posts is time I am spending in the present. Time, I am enjoying the girls, watching them grow and learn. Being challenged and overwhelming with patience, love, and life. June has been such a month. One month ago the girls could say a few words, now they are speaking small sentences and communicating their desires, needs, love and humor. One month ago today we left Scout and Vern in the loving care of a former student and current friend, Kendall while the we traveled to Seattle to begin our annual east coast trip. As always if was wonderful. We spend the first night in a hotel close to the airport and in the morning flew from Seattle to New York to celebrate Ella's bat mitzvah.

We traded in our sweatshirts and jeans for sandals and bare feet. We forgot about cars and took the double stroller all over New York.

After a beautiful service in the nicest temple I have ever been in, the whole family was invited to party on a great boat that traveled the Hudson River.

It was great to spend alot of time with my cousins Mica and Rich. After a day on the boat Justin, Rich and cousin Eric spent the night in a sports bar while Mica and I hung out in the village eating ice cream, hanging in bookstores and enjoying the scene. It was so nice to see them and get to spend quality time. 

Rich, Justin, Cousin Warren and Uncle Mike enjoying a sunny day on the boat.

My West coast buddy Kate and I also got to hang out - always fun

My Mom looked great and it was fun to watch her spend quality time with my girls

Looking amazing in blue, Ella was a fantastic host

Mike and Donna made a wonderful speech during the candle lighting ceremony.

I have made it my point not to dress the girls alike. But for the occasion I went for it (all but the shoes) and boy did they look cute. They also had a blast. 

Miss Baye with a neon bracelet
Miss Morgan with a colorful lay

Addy looking cute as ever

The whole family stayed in a hotel inNew York and Morgan really took to the pool. 
Here my Grandfather, Morgan, and Justin are chatting it up.

 It is always wonderful to see family but a special treat to enjoy time with my Grandparents. I was lucky enough to know four of my Great Grandparents and it is so nice that my girls get a to spend time my  mother's parents. In fact Addy's favorite word is now "Papa" and she requests to call him regularly. So sweet.

On Sunday Steven and Patti came to visit us. They were in town from Boston and stayed an extra night in NYC to spend the day with us. Here are the girls swinging in central park. They were totally blow away by all the kids in the park but really liked to see the horse and carriages roll by.

It was a great day and so nice to stroll along in Central Park

Latter that day we took the girls for a walk through Times Square on our way to Ella's bowling party.
I do not think the girls had ever seen so many people in one place.

As soon as we arrived Morgan picked up a bowling bowl, and gave it to Addy, who gave bowling a go.

My Grandparents and the birthday girl.

Miss Addy Baye posing and looking at all the people down below.

Morgan really took to ski ball 

And then to cap the family party off we all jumped on the bed and stayed up late.

In the morning Justin and left the girls in the trusted care of my Mom, friend Leddi, and cousin Hillary and took a night away to celebrate our fifth year anniversary. We drove up to New Patlz New York, had some good food, took a great hike in the mountains, stumbled upon a nudest colony in the woods (no we did not join them) and enjoyed a long well deserved night rest at a great lodge my mom found and treated us to. 
Such a wonderful gift all around.

Justin soaking his feet in a clean mountain creek.

We then returned to my mom's house in New Jersey for a few days and
I got to see my oldest and dearest friend Jill and her son Jorden.

 We sat by the pool at my grandparents house.

Morgan could not get enough of the water.

Addy showing off her gymnastics skills to her Nana and Aunty Nors

We ate at Holstens

And played in the sun. It is so cool to see my girls playing ball where I grew up playing ball.

And then the girls and I tried to fit all our stuff in our suitcases. It did not work and my Mom ended up shipping things to Bellingham so we where a bit lighter for part II of our trip. 
Stay tuned for details of the Carolina vacation.