Saturday, May 21, 2011


Every time I think about posting I decide to remain present and enjoy the girls in the moment. Yet I know that the lost record of the past is something I'll regret in the future (yes I have already thought about empty nesting-that is how fast they are growing). Thus, I return to the blog with no apologies for time lost and a clear acknowledgment that nothing I write and no pictures I post will ever come close to the moments I share with my girls. My family has brought me to my highest heights and touched my heart in a way I think only parents might be able to understand. The six of us rely on each other, make one another laugh, releave each other, and with all that we have, we love each other. The girls are now 20months old, they are talking, dancing, and a total blast. Here are some of our more recent pictures:

Now that the weather is warming up, we have spend alot of time outside. The girls explore the yard, play ball with Scout, landscape with Justin, and pull out my flowers. They just love it.

We have spent time hanging out with other twins and at one play date, Addy took up the piano (I think she was motivated by the dog on the side).

Parks are big favorite, if it not raining (so about every other day) we make it one of the many parks around. On a sunny day we hit up a few. Here Morgan is very proud of her "big girl swinging."
 If the weather is nice, the girls are big enough to walk to the park.

The slide is a big hit

The gym is still a favorite hot spot. 

The teacher was even impressed with this move.

Trips to Mom's office are always exciting.

 When Morgan will leave her pigtails in, they are super cute.

Addy is such a Daddy's girl, I get so jealous.

Drinking homemade smoothies from a straw is a popular.

 Morgan's first haircut.

We went over to their friend Evan's house to celebrate passover. Morgan ate a whole bowl of haroset and Addy was impressed by the chocolate covered matza. After dinner Even read them the story of Passover.

For Easter, our friend GiGi (generic grandmother) came over to make eggs with the girls.
Plastic eggs were fun.

This is a picture of them eating all the fruit snacks they got at the easter egg hunt. 
That made for a really wild night.

Family days at the park are still my favorite.

If you remember, I took the same picture last year- I put it below so you can compare. 
At some point Addy is going to get too big to throw in the air.

Can you believe this was just a year ago?

This is Addy Baye by the bay inspecting the gravel.

Here they are front row at the Parade of the Species. 
The girls I agreed the owl was the best.

Stayed tuned for adventures from the East Coast.