Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3 months

Tomorrow my daughters will be three months old—and what a journey it has been. In many ways in seems like yesterday that Justin and I checked into the hospital and in other ways I can barely remember life without Morgan and Addyson. Most of you know I struggle with change—though I always embrace it for it has proven to be for the best. So you can imagine two children was a huge adjustment. Yet in the last three months I have been moved by what an amazing community we live in, what a supportive family we have, what a loving husband and father Justin is and how much I love being a mom.

While my love for my girls was instantaneous, adjusting to being a mother came less naturally. I worried about Addy’s health, Morgan’s fear of diaper changing, money, career, my body image, but most of all I worried about my ability to be as strong in the role of a mother as I was in other areas of life. Yet I seemed to be one of the only people doubting me. Over the last few mouths our community has put a great deal of time and energy into making us comfortable. Meals, dog walkers, and helping hands have come in abundance. Various members of the Western Washington community brought dinners for three months, the Whatcom mother of multiples sent diapers, helpers, and support from families with twins. My neighbor IJ comes over for an hour every day she knows I am alone to help with a feeding. Three times a week my neighbor and friend Jen walks 1/4 mile uphill in the rain to help me gather my troops (Addy, Morgan, Scout and Vern) and get them out for a walk. There is not a thank you note that can express my gratitude.

While our community has been amazing, the love of our family has blown me away. Three months ago my mother came to help us out. Five days later she moved into the hospital to take care a Addyson around the clock. She left two weeks later totally exhausted but with the knowledge that Addy, then less than five pounds, was healthy and safely home. Then Judy, my mother in law came to stay for two weeks. She rocked babies like it was her job. A few days before she left, we had the first argument we have ever had (in about 10 years). She was frustrated that I had so little faith in my ability to be a patient, caring mother. At the time I was pissed that she did not give me the compassion I thought she should, but in retrospect I have come to understand a stern hand was exactly what I needed. I wanted to prove to her what she knew I could do all along. I could stay home alone with two babies, I could breast feed, take care of the dogs, lose weight and be a good mother. I cannot wait for her to return next week and see how far we have come. Additionally my Aunt Donna, cousin Mica, Uncle Steven, Aunty Nors, Father-in-law, Sister-in-law, step-mother-in-law, and Grandparents have each taken the cross country trip to meet and help with our new family. To each of them I am grateful. During that time the girls have grown so much.

Morgan is now almost 13 pounds. She can lift her head, loves a diaper change, wares 6-12 months clothing, and mostly sleeps (with a few nightly visits) from 11:30pm-5am. She smiles, sits in a bumbo, is outspoken, and is growing up to be a beautiful little girl. Addyson is now almost 9lbs. She is so calmed natured. She is independent and sleeps like a champ. She smiles and loves a warm bath. She has little wisps of red hair and is so pretty. Other then the fact that they were born on the same day, there is little about my girls that suggests they are twins. They look and act differently, but seem to like to be together as though they were best friends. I am sure there will come a day (or two) when they fight like sisters, but I hope they always remain friends. As a person who fears change, having children forces you to face your fears every day. Each day they change, grow, and learn something new. They have recently discovered their hands and inspect them every day. We read together each night and I am amazed at how intently they listen and look at the pictures. It is great to watch development in process. It is amazing at how many things I have learned to do at once and fascinating how little sleep humans really need. Each of these lessons could have been learned without the love and support of Justin.

Justin and I learn differently. I, the nerdy book type, love to read and study. Justin just goes for it. When we encounter a crossroads with the girls, such as how to teach them to sleep through the night, our tag team approach seems to work well. I read and Justin jumps in and tries different strategies until something works. Since the day we found out I was pregnant, Justin never doubted me. In fact he has been my biggest fan and is truly an amazing father. After a long wet day at work, Justin walks in, picks up a baby and takes on a full time parenting role till he goes to sleep. When Addy was in the hospital he did everything and more than the nurses. When Morgan could not sleep through the night without crying he held her on his chest all night. When Vern is to tried to walk the stairs he carries her and when Scout needs a walk he straps on a baby and off they go. When I could not keep my eyes open anymore, he put me to bed and ran our household on his own. I am so grateful to have such a remarkable and compassionate life partner.

Together Justin, Morgan, Addy, Scout, Vern and I are on an extraordinary journey. As the holidays approach I give thanks for my family. There is no doubt there will continue to be challenges (like returning to work in 2 weeks) but I am confident in and excited for the great rewords. I will do my best to keep you updated. Wishing you and your family a happy and a healthy new year.

Justin reading before bedtime

The GREAT Grandparents come to visit

Great Nana's talk put Morgan to sleep

Morgie in the bath

Mom reads to her girls

Morgan smiling

Hangin with Great Papa

Papa reading Addy the story of Hanukkah


Addy in the bumbo

Grandaddy John comes to visit

Aunt Jill reads Addy a story

Addy's big smile

Nana, Mom and the girls

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Girls are Growing

Morgan is officially a ten pounder and Addy has grown out of her preemie clothing and weighs 6.9lbs. It is amazing how fast they grow. They are learning to smile, love to swing (we go through D batteries almost as fast as diapers) and we are loving parenthood. While we sleep less, and eat faster, it has been great to have family visit and get to know our daughters. Here are some pictured highlights of the last few weeks.

The DuPre Family

Great Uncle Steven was truelly Great

Everyone takes a shift, even Vern

Sisters and Roomates

Steven and the girls hangin

Miss Addy after a Bath

Morgan's First Hoody

Teaching Morgan to Meditate

The Girls seem suspicios

First Halloween- Addy the Lady Bug

Morgan didn't Trick or Treat but was a really cute Bananna

Addy and Mamma

Addy fell asleep cheaking email with Great Aunt Donna

Morgan and Aunty Mica

A tough life of swinging

Monday, October 26, 2009

Week Six

We all get sleep where we can

Addy's new bouncy chair

The Girls Rest with Momma

Great Aunt Donna and Miss Addy checking email

Addy has something to add

Vern and Morgan had a long day

Alittle Tummy time

Morgan and Grandma Judy have a little chat

Sorry for the long delay. Here is the breif overview, two cute girls, lots of milk, tons of diapers, very little sleep, and many wonderful family members taking the cross country trip to meet the Dupre Double and help Mom and Dad. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family, both old and new. Now to sleep!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Three Weeks of Motherhood

Addy, Justin and Vern napping

Morgan Elizabeth DuPre

Addy taking on her big sister

Morgan takes a cheap shot while Addy is sleeping

Bunk Mates

Addy and Morgan Leaving the Hospital

The DuPre Family

Addy has a Question

Nana and Addy

Morgan is Tired

Miss Morgan

What a crazy three weeks it has been. I am sorry I not have updated the blog in so long but my life is now divided into three hour increments and my goals have been modified. Today’s goals, for example, were to take a shower, go for a walk, play the bills, and updated the blog. If you are reading my update, I have completed all four. In the past three weeks I have learned that motherhood is harder than I expected, I have an amazing extended family willing to travel cross country to help out, the Western Washington community is a great support network, the mother of multiples group rocks, I want more but can get less sleep then I anticipated, dairy cows have a tough life, and my daughters are an amazing gift. There is not enough time before the 8pm feeding for me to share all I want to share with you but here are some basics.

Addy was released from the hospital after proving she could stay awake for 8 breast milk bottles over a 24 hour period. I fear if I had to nurse her out of the hospital we might still be there. My mother slept in the hospital with Addy for about a week. She read to her, held her, and loved her when Justin and I could not be there. Thanks to a lot of love Addy left the hospital at 4.9lbs. This past Tuesday at her first doctor’s appointment was a weighted in at 4.14. I finally found a carrier small enough for her and she has gone for walks with me both yesterday and today. Her grandmother Judy has figured out exactly how to burp her so she does not cry and Addy is doing great.
Morgan is officially a 7lber and has quite the personality. She refuses to be wet for a minute and cries bloody murder when you change her. She loves to nap on your chest and is a big fan of the swing. She eats more and more every day and is much more vocal and less patient then her sister. Last week when Justin was sitting with her on the couch he asked her, “Will you girls ever let your Papa watch football?” Morgan let out a chuckle like the Pillsbury dough boy. It was almost as funny as when she pooped all over Justin at the doctor’s office.
For me things are getting more manageable. The hormones are almost out of body, my incision in healing, I have decided to pump rather than nurse to buy me more sleep, and I am learning each day a bit more about what my daughters like and dislike. I could not have gotten to this point without the love of my family. Everyone has offered to chip in any way they can. My mother, mother-in-law, Aunt Donna, cousin Mica, and Aunt Nors have all made plans to visit and lend a hand. I suppose it really does take a village to raise twins. Thank you all for your support and love. I will try to do a better job updating the blog in the future, but for now my goal is to get outside every day, even if it is just for a few minutes.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weighing in

the DuPre girls chillin togeather

Mama and Addy

Addy's big blue eyes

Nana and Morgan

Dad feeding Morgan

Addy's first bath

Morgan taking a nap

For Morgan, life is truelly excusasting, you should try being her parents.

Justin feeding Addy

Sorry we have been so out of touch, things have been crazy to say the least. Addy is still in the hospital and is unlikely to leave for at least a few weeks. It is not that she is sick, just small. But she is doing great. The bath pic of her is my favorite. She has surpassed her birth weight and is now 4.2lbs. She has no specific weight to meet but has to be able to eat on her own before she can go home. At the moment she can eat about ½ of one of her eight daily meals on her own and the other 7 and ½ are tubed through her nose. My mother has been sleeping at the hospital with her, and Justin and I come during the day. Morgan is living at home and Justin is staying up to feed her pumped milk at night. The doctor has instructed me to sleep minimum of 6 hours each day for three nights in a row, so Justin takes the night shift. If you have ever gone without sleep for an extended period of time you can appreciate what a crazy drug like experience it is. You begin to see things that are not there and have feelings you would never have otherwise. Thus, I am so grateful for Justin for insisting I return to reality. While Morgan is doing well she has not been eating enough and losing weight so I am working on pumping and nursing more. The hard part about having one girl in the hospital and one at home is that the hospital staff cannot legally treat Morgan and the home health professionals cannot come to the hospital to do things like weigh Morgan. So Justin, my mom, Morgan, and I shuffle back and forth from home and back to be with Addy and with the great help of local friends the dogs get walked and we get feed. Yet despite the logistical difficulties we are truly grateful for the two healthy and happy daughters we have. The DuPre Double is an amazing duo, we cannot wait for you to meet them.