Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 month update

Sorry it has been so long since I wrote. Mothering two 5 month olds and working full time leaves me with few moments to write. The last month seemed to fly by. Justin and I have been busy with stroller rides, bottles, and playing with the girls. I take the girls to a Baby and Me class once a week and it is great to network with other parents and babies. I have meet neighbors with babies and gotten involved in moms clubs (although I do not have as much time as I like to go). Both girls are learning so much every day. They now play with toys, laugh, move around, and sleep more at night and alot less during the day. While Morgan and Addy can roll over they choose do not do so on a regular basis. But we do have lots of fun on our tummy.

Morgan is about 18lbs and is wearing 9-12 month old clothing. She eats rice cereal like a champ, is settling into just one long morning nap, and her curvy figure warranted us getting her a European style bath tub (since she cannot sit up yet and no longer fits in the American style, I guess European infants are rounder). Morgan loves to giggle when Lavern walks by and is still working on sleeping in her own crib (some times we simply snuggle her between us and she goes right to sleep). Addy can do without rice cereal and naps (she sleeps like a champ at night) and weights about 13lbs. Addy has also decided she does not like socks and has mastered taking them off, she loves petting Scout (often has a fist full of his hair) and is officially a red head. Her little red peach fuzz could not be any cuter.

After some time alone as a family of six we are gearing up for a march full of visitors. My mom came for a long weekend in February and will be returning for my spring break with Aunty Nors, Great Aunt Donna and Cousins Ella and Gena. Shortly after they leave Grandma Judy and Aunt Jill will come to town. It should be a great time. We have also decided to brave the travel to the east coast in June. Our Carolina family and friends can expect us father’s day weekend in Atlantic Beach and the following week and weekend we will be in New Jersey. Consider yourself invited, we cannot wait for you to meet the DuPre girls, they are the love of our lives.

I never thought I could love two little people as much as I do these girls. Each smile lights up my day and each tear breaks my heart. Vern and Scout guard and play with them so well, I could not have asked for a greater family. I am still looking for full uninterrupted night sleep but there are so many hilarious and tender moments that come in those delirious hours I would not want to miss them. Thanks for reading.