Saturday, January 21, 2012

Frozen yogurt

This was the first time they tried it but surely not the last.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Bellingham highlight...

As a vegetarian I can truly appreciate this.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Holiday Season

We did not travel is holiday season. It was great just to stay home and spend some time as a close family unite. So we took lots of hikes, took up geocaching and just enjoyed being outside.
We spend alot of time at Whatcom Falls Park
Addy on a "hike"
This is the last picture every taken of Vern. It was two days before she died. its strange she is the only one looking at the camera. We talk about her alot and miss her even more.
We did alot of snuggling and reading books.
Addy make coffee in the morning.
Morgan took to doing her own hair.
We went for boat rides with Wilber and Teddy.
Addy lead trips to the park.
She likes to carry the bread for the ducks and encourage Scout and Morgan along.
So sweet
We practiced yoga. . .
and practiced some more
We dressed up for holiday parties
and dressed down for Sunday football. Addy is an early fan but not pleased with the record.
We lite the hanukah candles
I lite the real one and
The girls lite the electirc one. Morgan really took to the candles and wanted them on all day and cried when we had to take the Menorah away. "Were did mine Hanukkah candles go" she still asks.
Morgan and I did alot of baking.
Morgan dressing for the season.
On Christmas morning Addy tried to put on all the cloths she got (at one time) she started with the sweet socks Aunt Mica and Uncle Rich got her.
Morgan was thrilled with her Elmo jamies from Grandma (I have to wash them alot)
And now we have two little artists in the house.
Unfortunately we spend alot of time sick (all of us) in the bed.
But thanks to Jill A. Morgan is taking up doctoring skills
        All and all it was a great holiday and we hope all our readers have a happy and a healthy new year.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


A family geocaching event. We did not find this one (has not been found in over a year). But we had fun looking and will be back.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Nature babies and baking

This video shows Morgan and Addy in early Fall with a local group called Nature Babies. Here parents and babies "hike" the local trails and discover nature. In this video the girls where looking for mushrooms.

Morgan has taken a liking to baking, which is nice because while she does not have a sweet tooth, Addy most certainly does. Morgan bakes and Addy eats the product. I love to bake and eat baked goods so it works out for all of us.Above you will a short video of Morgan and I baking.