Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weighing in

the DuPre girls chillin togeather

Mama and Addy

Addy's big blue eyes

Nana and Morgan

Dad feeding Morgan

Addy's first bath

Morgan taking a nap

For Morgan, life is truelly excusasting, you should try being her parents.

Justin feeding Addy

Sorry we have been so out of touch, things have been crazy to say the least. Addy is still in the hospital and is unlikely to leave for at least a few weeks. It is not that she is sick, just small. But she is doing great. The bath pic of her is my favorite. She has surpassed her birth weight and is now 4.2lbs. She has no specific weight to meet but has to be able to eat on her own before she can go home. At the moment she can eat about ½ of one of her eight daily meals on her own and the other 7 and ½ are tubed through her nose. My mother has been sleeping at the hospital with her, and Justin and I come during the day. Morgan is living at home and Justin is staying up to feed her pumped milk at night. The doctor has instructed me to sleep minimum of 6 hours each day for three nights in a row, so Justin takes the night shift. If you have ever gone without sleep for an extended period of time you can appreciate what a crazy drug like experience it is. You begin to see things that are not there and have feelings you would never have otherwise. Thus, I am so grateful for Justin for insisting I return to reality. While Morgan is doing well she has not been eating enough and losing weight so I am working on pumping and nursing more. The hard part about having one girl in the hospital and one at home is that the hospital staff cannot legally treat Morgan and the home health professionals cannot come to the hospital to do things like weigh Morgan. So Justin, my mom, Morgan, and I shuffle back and forth from home and back to be with Addy and with the great help of local friends the dogs get walked and we get feed. Yet despite the logistical difficulties we are truly grateful for the two healthy and happy daughters we have. The DuPre Double is an amazing duo, we cannot wait for you to meet them.