Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last Pregnancy Post

I am officially out of maternity clothes. I have no shirts that cover my big belly and only two bottoms that fit; a black skirt and a pair of white summer pants (post labor-day, I would not dare). But that’s OK because I am also almost out of days being pregnant. I have four days left to be exact. This week my doctor was pleased with the way in which bed rest was helping me maintain my mild preeclampsia and agreed to lets me go till 37 weeks. 37 weeks is considered full term. So hopefully these few extra days of growth will reduce the time the girls will/would have to stay in the nursery. In fact, for ever extra day in they spend in my belly that is two days they will not need in the nursery. Additionally, girls have a far better rate of success then boys when born small, so the stats are on our side. Hopefully they will big enough to take home.

So if I do not go into labor before Thursday, my girls will be born on Sept. 17th. They will be born near the Jewish New Year, the day before my Aunt Donna was born, on the day the US Constitution was signed in 1787, 89 years to the day that the NFL was organized in Canton, Ohio, and 29 years after NASA unveiled the first space shuttle. They will also share a birthday with Sara Greenwood’s father Rick Halpern, Hank Williams Sr., Phil Jackson, John Ritter, and Jimmie Johnson—to name a few.

In other news my girl Vern, who tries to do everything her Papa does, tore her ACL, like her dad did last year. At 12 ½ surgery would be too hard for her, so her doctor put her on temporary bed rest. She, unlike me, is not really listening to her doctor, and continues to bark at birds trying to eat from our feeders. She is crazy as ever. Justin and I seem more upset about her injury then her. She is doing great on three paws and is in good spirits eagerly waiting to harass her new sisters.

But Scout and Vern have been great company for me. I have not been able to do much but lay in bed. Justin continues to do all the house work, dog care, shopping and manages to keep me in good spirits. He was relieved that the girls were not born today on opening day of football (although if you saw the Panther game, it might have been better he missed it). He is so excited for Thursday, I am truly scared. I am not scared to be a parent as much as I am to be awake during the c-section. I know I will not be able to feel it but the whole idea of being awake in the operating room is a bit freaky.

Everyone has been telling me to enjoy the free time now before things get too crazy but I kind of wish there was an in between. That is, I am going from total bed rest to caring for two daughters. There has to be a transition of sorts, but I guess it is just one of those rides I should hold on for. I am grateful for all of you that have been entertaining me during bed rest and supporting me during this long journey. I promise to keep you updated, but I cannot say for sure when my posts will resume—I might have a few other priorities to attend to. But, if all goes as planned, I will introduce you to the DuPre Double shortly.