Sunday, January 2, 2011


December was a great month. It began with an awesome visit from my cousin Mica and was followed by some quality time with Uncle Steven, Alex (a west coast convert), Patti, Jenny, and Joe. Included a perfect intimate family christmas, and some good friends on news years day. Thank you all for coming so far and caring so much. A happy and a healthy new year to our readers.

Addy made sure Mica spent most of her visit reading 

Hanukah bumper cars practice was also a daily task- so fun 

Thanks to the help of their Aunt Mica they now move around the house on their cars without help

Then Great Uncle Steven arrived with Alex's wooden boat, a very popular present

It was great to hang with Alex and he also put in his time reading to the ladies

My favorite boys

Morgie picked out a Christmas Eve present to open

Grandma Judy and Aunt Jill spoiled the girls -  we can not wait to see them

Aunt Jill's shopping carts were the hit of Christmas

Addy was really into the books

This last week was really great. Neither Justin nor I had to work and we got to spend some quality time with the girls. We went to multiple children's museums, out to eat, and played alot. It was great, we have an awesome family. The picture above is Morgan at the Skagit museum.

Morgie sporting some winter gear

On new years we played with some of our friends. 
Henry shares a birthday with the girls and is a good friend.

Legos + Laundry basket = happy toddlers
this game lasted for a while

Want to play? Come visit us!!