Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Full House

The Book Club Girls

A Baby Book Club

Beating the Heat with Friends at Lake Samish

This was a good, hot week. Justin and I have always joked that when we move to an area we effect the local weather patterns. For example, Iowa City had never been hit by a tornado until we moved there. Bellingham saw record wind storms the year we moved to town. This winter the area saw more snow then it had in over a decade and this week Western Washington broke an all-time record for heat. Never had the area gotten over 100 degrees, until the past few days. No one has air conditioning and fans were hard to come by. But we tried to do a lot of swimming and managed through. Hopefully we can get back to the 70’s soon.

At my doctor’s appointment this week, she said I was doing well and should continue to take it easy with the hopes I can carry for another 6 weeks. While 6 weeks is a nice idea in theory, I cannot imagine what that would be like. At the moment my belly is so full of babies that I can barley move from laying down to standing (somthing I have to do each hour at night) and a variety of other movements in between. The good news is that the girls are growing; one is 3 lbs 7 oz and the other 3 lbs. I know that growth is good for their health but I seem to be running out of space. I am truly glad this is a temporary housing situation and my doctor promises to evict them if they do not begin to move out on their own by 37 weeks (I am 30 ½ now).

In case they plan to move out earlier then expected I am making emergency plans. We have two groups of friends willing to take Vern and Scout, 2 people on call to get me to the hospital, and a variety of folks who have agreed to help in any way they can. The nest is about done, and I am trying to get some school work finished in the time I have left. This week my book club met and the girls surprised me (kinda) with children’s books. It was such nice a nice gesture. I was especially glad to get some doggy books like Go Dog Go. I read it Vern for practice and she seemed to like it a lot. I was also gratful that my friend Wendy have us a huge box of 6-12m clothing. It was unexpected and so kind.

I have also tried to get in some alone time, before it is too late. Yesterday, after meeting a friend at the farmers market, I walked around and checked out the chalk art festival, grabbed a big lunch (which I later paid for) at the bit of Bellingham, and took a swim in the local pool. Bellingham is a great town we are so lucky to have ended up here. There is always good music, great lakes, and many hiking and camping spots. I miss the outdoors this summer but I look forward to many family camping trips in our future. Thanks for reading.