Sunday, August 16, 2009

32 &1/2 weeks

My doctor’s appointment went well this week. The highlight is that I am passed the really scary phase and even if my girls were born today and had to stay in a NICU for a few weeks they would make it. I am 32 ½ weeks and my doctor hopes I can go another three of four. Justin and I also went for a three hour tour of the hospital. It was nice to know all rooms are private with a bed for me and one for Justin. The babies stay in our room and there is a fridge. So if you are local feel free to bring something yummy for us to eat, I hear the food has much to me desired.
This week our visitors are arriving and that should be really nice. Yet with only weeks to go I have begun thinking about what life is going to be like without pregnancy and with two little girls. Here are the pluses and minuses of the former (as I see them now):

Things I will not miss about being pregnant:
1) peeing every half hour or more
2) sleeping on my side (I much prefer the belly)
3) being closer to 200lbs then 100lbs
4) aching ligaments
5) lack of general mobility
6) extreme tiredness (although this might not end for a while)
7) my inability to exercise
8) my limited wardrobe

Things I will miss about pregnancy:
1) that special look other women give me as if we share a secret
2) a guilt free diet
3) the relative ease at which the three of us can move around without car seats and strollers
4) the extreme compassion of strangers
5) the lack of crying (mine and babies)
6) time to myself
7) the attention I can devote to my furry friends (I will really try to not give this up)
8) the time Justin and I can spend talking without interruption

I am sure nothing will be as I plan. And, as it also is, the future will be filled with both wonderful and trying moments. Until then, I continue to try and enjoy the present for what it is.