Friday, September 10, 2010

From Babies to Toddlers

In one week my daughters will be one. Crazy! What an amazing year it has been. I have learned so much, they have learned even more, and we are all so happy. Most recently I have learned the difference between a baby (which I used to have) and a toddler (of which I am the proud parent of two).They toddle. Morgan is walking, although she has a very stiff Frankenstein style at the moment. Addy took her first steps Wednesday and is not far behind. And these girls can eat. Today we were out so I packed a lunch. After a zip lock of carrots, string cheese, a container of soy yogurt, a bag of cheerios, and a ton of strawberries and blueberries the girls looked at me as if they were starving. Both downed 6oz of milk when we got home. That was just lunch not to mention to other meals and two other snacks. I think they are beefing up for the big weigh in next week at the doctor.

We had a great time with my uncle Steven and Patti this past weekend. There were so helpful and really had a good time with the girls. If only we lived closer. But having my cousin Alex on the west coast will be a nice incentive for them to return. We are gearing up for my mom and mother-in-law to visit next week for their birthday. Below are a few picture highlights.

 Patti hangin with Miss Addy Baye 

Steven reading to Morgie

The girls playing 

And then a birthday present came. I told them not open it before their birthday but. . . 

It turned out to be a great gift from their Grandma's

 Addy pushes her toys around

Morgan pushes her friend Frejya around 
(who is coming for a sleep over tomorrow- we are very excited)

And now they are getting older we have put them to work: 

Sleepy eyed Morgan making french toast
(do not worry Mom there is adult right next to the counter)

Addy made meatballs

and she did the wash 

They are too much fun. We are in a really great phase now.