Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Birthday

A summer full of picnics is over but things great. The girls are one, they are both walking, and they are so fun to be with. Below are some more recent pictures.
 The girls and I at the park by the bay

So tickelish

 Love Cherrios !!

Addy and the kites of summer 

Addy and Daddy 

Freyja slept over and read Addy a bedtime story

Morgie opening her birthday present 

The girls and their Daddy on their first birthday 

Miss Addy 

 Their first taste of chocolate
Very interesting 

So cute 

Reading with Nana 

And more reading with Grandma (Addy loves books)

The only thing the girls like better then pushing their carts is being pushed in the carts

Big girls wear cords

And know how to climb up the stairs.

We look forward to sharing another year with you!!!