Monday, July 5, 2010

The East Side

We had a blast on the east coast. The girls were great travelers and the it was actually summer. It was wonderful to see everyone and introduce them to Morgan and Addy Baye. Here are some of the many highlights:
We began in Atlantic Beach, NC. The water was warm, the sky Carolina blue, and the girls spoiled by their grandmother Judy and Aunt Jill.

Morgan did some great playing with Macy Ford (Justin's friend Trey's daughter). 

 They both loved their wagon!

They found the sand was alittle scaring but boy did did they look cute.
Justin's friends came from all over to hang on the beach.

Addy rocking with Aunt Jill 

Morgie hangin on the beach 

Just rocking on the front porch 

We loved the summer sun 

Justin's good friend Mark took these great pictures 

Addy was singing a great song 

Then we traveled south to see Justin's Dad in Myrtle Beach, SC

Granddaddy and Addy having a heart to heart 

More beach life 

Then we went up to NJ where Addy hung out with cousin Ella

Morgan and Daddy

Great Aunt Donna doing nails

Morgan and Great Great Aunt Linda gossiping 

Addy hanging at the pool with Great Nana

Great Nana, Rae and Morgan 

Cousin Alex and Mom doing the Addy bop

Loving Great Uncle Steven's mustache
Morgan and Auntie Mica

The best part of the presents

Addy and cousin Amy

Big Family Picture

Pool Party

Addy wondering if she will be as tall as Great Papa

Nana reading Morgan a book 

Thank you to everyone for a great visit. We can not wait to do it again next year.