Monday, June 7, 2010

The Start of Summer

Summer is here and while the temps in are in the 60's the rain has not stopped with exception of one day. June 5th. My birthday was sunny and warm and now that it is over, the rain continues. We can not wait to get to the warm east coast and see family and friends. 

I could not wait to bust out the summer dresses even if it is with long sleeved shirts--notice Addy's red mo-hawk. 

Morgan has a mouth full of teeth--6 to be exact.

Justin has been starting sports training by teaching the girls to throw the ball for Scout. 

Peek-a-boo is always a big hit

After going backwards, falling over, and getting her butt stuck under the couch for a month or more, Morgan is off on all fours. 

Bath time is still a fan favorite. In my opinion it is the best time of day. Everyone loves it, we sing songs and learn/eat our letters.

On my birthday we introduced our girls to Vern and Scouts favorite swimming spot and encouraged them to test out their summer hats. There is no way the sun is going to find Addy under that brim. 

The scene is the same as last summer just with two added attractions.
We can not wait to see you'al soon!!!