Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Northwest Summer

Since we have been home we have been enjoying the northwest summer. It took a while for the warm sun to arrive but that did not keep us from the beach. Three years ago we took our Vern and Scout to a beach on Whidbey Island call Double Bluffs. It is about 2.5 hours south of us but well worth the drive. It is beautiful, has great wild life, and is a dog off leash zone. Vern feel in love and eat fresh crab all day. We always promised her we would return. So last week we did.

While we much more than last time (little people require alot of big stuff), we had a great day.

    Justin carried Morgie and the metaphorical weight of our crew.

Morgan and Addy looking up unknown birds in the Northwest Audubon Guide

The girls and I after a bottle on the beach 

Scout showing off the big stick he found floating in the ocean.

Vern as happy as can be--unlimited seafood and swimming

The DuPre Family 

Daddy and Addy sharing a moment

The beach was filled with tons of great driftwood. Vern, Addy, and I explored this old tree.

And as we left, so did the Great Blue Heron we had been watching all day.