Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Stellar Jay

Our hosts and friends, Jen, Steve, and William

Some of the Western Communication dept crew

Our first stuffed animals
Every spring Justin and I find the outside deck filled with tons of small branches and leaves. The Stellar Jay (a big northwest blue bird with a beautiful rooster-like black head) builds a nest near the roof of our house. This year was the first year we saw her babies. One young bird had tried to get out of the nest and fly but feel to the ground because its little wings were not working just yet. Justin, after doing a little bird research, insisted we let the mother deal with the situation (future grandparent please take note). The little guy seemed fine, he hopped around the yard for a day or so, and his mom continued to give him flying lessons (so cute) until one day they both left—flying north to cooler temperatures I assume.

I have no doubt a lot to learn from the Stellar Jay. Lesson one, how to make a nest, is going well. While my physical body is nesting what are now 2lb plus babies, it is, I keep reminding myself, a temporary arrangement. So Justin and I are working hard to make our home an equally suitable home. Justin is in charge of putting stuff together, this week’s highlight in the pack in play the girls will sleep in together in our room until they are snuzzing more than a few hours at a time. My job is to collect and organize. This week I resolved the crib problem, Justin will for sure love putting these bad boys together, and made progress in other significant areas thanks in large part to our friends Jen Hays and Steve Woods (former UVM debate coach).

Jen, Steve, and I all work together in the communication dept at Western and we live less than a ¼ mile away. Jen and I have become good friends, we walk (or more accurately we did walk and will walk again). She is an amazing gardener and has tried to teach me how to grow a northwest garden (still a work in progress). And this weekend they invited some of the dept. members to their house for a cook out in our honor. It was a great day, with awesome food and friends who brought I might add, very thoughtful and useful gift for our girls. We are especially excited about the diaper genie.

See earlier that day we went to a birthing class. It was somewhat useful but since we know I will be having a C-section the breathing /pushing part seemed less interesting. It was however, nice to run into another twin mom about my age who is part of the Mother of Multiples club. We also got tons of handouts, one of which described how many diapers a parent should expect to change in a week (over 75) and then times two. Yes, we were really excited to get the diaper genie, now if only it could do the changing for us.

Personally I have been feeling emotionally better , yet more and more physically uncomfortable. Last week my sour mood was in part a result of a yoga class in which I could not seem to accomplish much. Even down dog seemed like a challenge. Yet after learning that my tingling hands and sore wrists were not a result of trying to hold myself up in yoga but instead pregnancy induced carpel tunnel, I felt a bit relived. I got some black wrists guards to sleep in and that seems to be helping. They are truelly sexy, surely what every husband hopes their wife will sleep in. Justin jokes that I look like a boxer in bed.
This week I officially enter month 7. Summer school is over in 3 weeks and naps are a regular part of my to do list. I have given up weighing myself; surely the Stellar had gain weight just sitting on those eggs. I have been reading about raising babies (not on the flying chapter yet) and am enjoying the northwest summer watching Vern and Scout swim in the lake. Thanks for reading.