Sunday, July 19, 2009

29 weeks

Nurse Vern keeping me company (who has space to co-sleep babies)

Justin and Jason hard at work

Scout and I in front of our awsome cribs

Well I have a new positive attitude this week. Not only did my grandfather who asks 55 turn 80 this week but I am glad to drink chocolate milk, not worried about the yoga poses that are just not happening, and so excited for my girls Sarah and Sarah. Since I got pregnant in January Sarah Allen and Sarah (Snider) Green were just a few weeks ahead. They confirmed my concerns were just normal, we exchanged discomforts, diaper pail options, and crib choices. Now both my dear friends are no longer pregnant but instead proud mothers. Evan Powderly and Levi Green could not be any cuter and I am continuing to take notes and their Mom's advice for the days to come.

This past week I have better managed my time. Knowing that I am stronger and more conferrable in the morning I try to get more done then and give my swollen feet and marshmallow hands a break in the afternoon. This method seems to be working well. Yesterday, for example, I went with Justin to let the dogs swim in the morning and then to the farmers market. Washington is huge exporter of berries and they are in season. I came home with a batch of fresh blueberries (smoothie central over here) to find Justin and his friend Jason putting together the cribs Jill and Loren got us.
I cannot tell you how excited I was. I passed out on the couch and when I got up they were all set up. See the picture for evidence. A big thanks to Jill and Loren! We hope they will come and out and check them out in person. There is something very real about having clothing and beds for people currently living in my belly. Weird huh? But very cool.
As the day begins to take it toll I retreat to the bedroom where my trusty nurse Vern attends to me. She knows something is going on and has been very attentive to me lately. Further, she has been doing a lot more barking. I think she overheard me tell Justin that the girls can hear us now and wants to get in on the action. Scout has also picked up on the changes and has been sniffing around the girls’ room waiting their arrival.

I am going into my 29th week and all and all things are good. More updates to come.