Saturday, August 20, 2011

The North Cascades National Park

 Justin and I have always shared a love for the outdoors and hiking. Bellingham has so many amazing outdoors spots. Yet for the last two years we have not spent much time on the trails. A twin pregnancy and girls less then two years old had us trading in our hiking boots for bibs and bottles. Yet now that the girls are getting older and stronger we have turned to the trusty "hiking with your kids in Western Washington bible" and took our kids on their first hike. Above is Morgan and I at the start of the Roserio hiking trail (1.5 miles each way) in Deception Pass State Park.
This beautiful park is part of Deception Pass State Park and the beginning of many salmon runs. At this point the puget sound meets rivers.

Morgie enjoying the nice warm weather 

Addy Baye on the dock 

After a successful hike near home we took our hiking team on the road to the North Cascade National Park. The Park is the least visited national park in the US because it is very hard to access. There is only one road that winds through a small portion of the expansive park and it is only open in July-Sept (when the snow melts). There are countless glacial valleys in this 505,000-acre expanse of the North Cascades, which actually encompasses three diverse natural areas. This is an utterly spectacular gathering of snowy peaks, glacial meadows, plunging canyons, and cold, deep-blue lakes. The park is home to some of the largest and rarest animals in the US and it truly majestic. Figuring Addy and Morgan where not up to hiking glaciers (nor are their parents) we opted for shorter but still beautiful hikes.  

Addy hiked for part of the trip

Then rode in a backpack for some other

Justin showed Morgie how to take breaks by sitting on rocks, she test out alot of different rocks. Movement, while enjoyable was not too speedy.

More hiking
After leaving the trails the girls road in style checking out the scenery

The next day we set out again for a sunny hike. this time Morgan and I were partners. here we are overlooking sun valley lake.

A family trail picture

Our hotel had a great lake and the girls loved to play in it

Every time we rode by the horse farms the girls went crazy, so we decied to stop and give them an up close look. I have always loved horses and rode for many years so this part of our trip really touched my heart. 

The girls enjoyed eating out

And alittle post meal ice cream 

And then more playing in the lake - this picture is one of my favorite

Up late partying in the hotel

A final swim before we hit the road

The mountains of the North Cascade Range

A totally crashed out DuPre Double - but an amazing trip