Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The days of summer

While summer might have been slow coming- it has arrived. It is why we are all willing to tolerate the rain and clouds for so long. 75 degrees, sun, no bugs, and cool nights. 

Here are some of the things we have been upto:

pool parties at Morgie and Addy's friend Henry's house

Picnics with friends

Berry picking at the lake

Playhouse in the yard

Twin outings in the park 

Playing in Hovander Park

Addy in the garden 

Addy checking out the farm animals

Morgan and Matilda gossiping 

Miss Morgan at the barn

Patty and Uncle Steven came to visit and it was awesome to see them. 

We took the girls for walks in the woods 

Can you believe I live less then 5 miles from this amazing spot

Miss Addy Baye playing in the trees

Miss Morgan following her sister

More wild berry picking
Watching the water fall

back to hovander park

loving my Addy

Miss Morgan

Addy checking out the flowers

So amazing

Morgan getting a ride back to the car

So sweet

Playing in the lake