Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome to the DuPre Double

Welcome to the DuPre Double. We thought a blog might be a nice way for our family and friends all over the country to keep up with our growing family. I will do my best to post highlights and pictures on a weekly basis so you can see how we are doing. In the spirit with mother's day I thought I would publish our first report.

For those of you who do not know, I am pregnant with twins girls. Justin, Scout, Vern and I are very excited. Although some changes have already begun. First, I am growing. Having never been pregnant before I thought that my weight gain was average until I went to a prenatal yoga class. It was then I realized what having twins was all about. The women my size, were easily 2 months ahead of me. And, women as far along as me where certinally not. As of today I am 18 weeks and 3 days and 20lbs bigger then I was in January. I am grateful for the lack of humidity, Jill, Erin, and Donna's hand-me-down maternity close, and help and support Justin is giving (highlights include cooking, cleaning and major yard work).

Pregnancy has effected the rest of the family as well. For one thing we can not longer all fit in the bed. Between my growth (which is all around I should add) and the beloved body pillow that allows me to sleep though the night (mostly) we have exceeded the limits of our queen bed. So Scout (read-75lb Golden Retriever) has graciously taken to his dog bed. Vern (our 40lb Spring Spaniel) is making sacrifices as well. She has agreed to not take my body pillow (for the most part) and share her crown as Papa's favorite little girl.

We are also going to the baby store for the first time. I am glad Along Comes Baby is Bellingham's only one big baby store and it is independently owned and not as crazy as Babies R Us and other big box chain stores. We had been waiting to find out the sex of the "bros" (ie the nickname they got when they were just embryos). Since we now know the bros are really sisters, we figured we could rule out somethings. Thanks to all the friends and family (a big shout out to Donna and Mike here) we have some things. But since we are having two. . . and as those of you who have had babies know, and we are quickly learning, there is alot of stuff involved. An for each item we need/want there are so many types. For example, the diaper pail, so may options and my online and personal survey research seems to indicate people have very strong preferences. And let me tell you they are quick to share their advice and opinions.

Well we are glab that you are reading and ready to share our weekly family highlights. Below you will find pictures of the family including my big belly and Scout's new summer haircut thanks to Justin's grooming.