Monday, February 7, 2011

Growing So Fast

Sorry I have not posted in so long. Yet the time it takes to post has been spent hanging with the girls and working. They are growing so fast we are trying to hold on to each moment. 
Both girls are really into hugging. Morgen especially loves to hug Scout and Vern.

Morgie's her hair is growing so fast. But she only lets Nanny Nancy do her hair. When ever I try she pulls it out. So on Wednesdays we come home to super cute hairstyles. As soon as Justin or I walk in she pulls them out as if it is their little secret. We are so lucky to have Nancy, she really loves the girls.

The girls are really into doing things themselves. Opening doors, turning on the lights, washing their hands. In fact, running water is so popular I think they would stand in front of the sink all days if we let them. So we started letting them get up on a stool and wash their hand and do dishes.

 While it was really cute, it was a bit of a hazard because they were always trying to push one another off. 
So their Nana came to the rescue and bought them the learning tower:

This beast is awesome!! They can claim up and down, stand together, and "help" around the kitchen. 
So often they just want to see what is going on up on the counter and now they just climb up and watch. 

We have come to really love the park. we are lucky enough to have a park just 1/4 mile down the road.
When the weather is dry, the girls get in the stroller and we head off to the park.

Addy loves slides and her friends are showing her how to go down backwards and get a running start. 

Be sure to notice Addy's pink shoes in the picture above. These were her first pair of shoes and fit perfect until she kicked one off in the supermarket the other day. Gone! So she suggested she could wear her rainboot (which are too big for her) everywhere. She insisted they matched every alfit. 

She tested out her theory by walking around the house in her boots. She loves wearing shoes so much some times we let her nap with them rather then getting a tired girl really angry - 
some fights are just not worth having. 

The girls are also really into their bumper cars. It took them a while to get the hang of them but now that they have it, they are unstoppable. 

They love bumping into one another

Addy gets a kick out of turning the lights on and off.

 she also knows to close the gate at the top of the stairs.

Morgan's pretty smile

Laughing out loud

And what could be better then making their own cream cheese and jelly sandwich.

I love these girls so much I hate being away from them for even a moment--for the moments are moving so quickly. What a wonderful family I have, I am really lucky.