Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teacher's Pet

These are pictures from a few weeks ago at the Parents and Me class the girls and I take together. It is one of the highlights of our week. They have meet their first friends and I have meet some really nice moms. On this one day Addy volunteered so that the teacher could show mom's how to help their baby's if they were to chock. I was so proud, every mom wants their child to be the teacher's pet.

Meanwhile as Addy helped out the teacher Morgan put the moves a nice little red head Jewish boy named Evan. You could tell he did not like her aggressive style. 

Zoe is on the far left watching the whole scene go down. After all the excitement everyone continued to play and play. Addy and Morgan's friend Freyja played so much she was exhausted. And Henry, in his cool Hawaiian shirt asked his mom for approval before jumping into the "pit" with all his friends.

Oh how we love to go to school together.