Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Greenwood Visit

Morgan in her frog hat helping with the laundry -- Addy with her spring smile

Girls and Mama

Addy birdwatching

The Greenwoods came to visit this weekend. What a treat. Sara and I lived togeather for four years in college and we do not get to see each other enough. I had not seen her son Dustin in years, never met her son Gavin, and she had never met my girls. Our husbands had not ever met, and hit it off really well. We spent time at the park, the farmers market, a rainy seafood festival, We ate good meals and even got a sitter and went out one night. I miss having her close but was gratful to have had such a wonderful weekend.

Rae pushing Addy and Gavin on the swings

Gavin sharing a book with Morgan

Eating was a bit crazy

Sara, Addy, Gavin, Rae, Morgan and Dustin

 Sara playing with the kids - she is a great mom